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Article published on open access in monograph publishing

Philip Shaw, Angus Phillips, and Maria Bajo Gutiérrez from OICP have published a new article in Publishing Research Quarterly on open access in monograph publishing. The article uses evidence from an OICP survey in 2021 to investigate the state of the transition of monographs to Open Access publication. The paper highlights publishers’ opinions on the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic upon monograph publishing and on the future of the monograph, and the pressures and challenges faced by monograph publishers. The survey demonstrated clearly that most publishers see monograph publishing in the humanities and social sciences as being in transition, with Open Access expected to play a key part in the future.

You can read the article here

and the article was available open access on publication.

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Celebrating 75 years of Indian publishing

A special issue of the journal Logos has been published to mark 75 years since Indian independence. India is the second-largest English-language book market in the world; there is also a flourishing of publishing in Indian languages. The issue has an amazing set of contributors: Nitasha Devasar (also the guest editor), Sesh Seshadri, Thomas Abraham, Christoph Chesher, Manzar Khan, Richard Charkin, Pramod Kapoor, Milinda De, Kumar Vikram, Jaya Bhattacharji Rose, and Smit Zaveri. The issue is free to access until the end of April. The journal’s Editor-in-Chief is Angus Phillips, Director of OICP.

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Jane Potter discusses Wilfred Owen on BBC Radio 4

On Thursday 27 October 2022, Dr Jane Potter from OICP appeared on In Our Time, presented by Melvyn Bragg. The R4 programme discussed the celebrated British poet of World War One. Wilfred Owen (1893-1918). Owen had published only a handful of poems when he was killed a week before the end of the war, but in later decades he became seen as the essential British war poet. His works such as Anthem for Doomed Youth, Strange Meeting and Dulce et Decorum Est went on to be inseparable from the memory of the war and its futility. However, while Owen is best known for his poetry of the trenches, his letters offer a more nuanced insight into him such as his pride in being an officer in charge of others and in being a soldier who fought alongside his comrades.  

Full News item here

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Success in the Guardian University Guide

Programmes from the Oxford International Centre for Publishing score consistently high in the national league tables. In the 2023 Guardian University Guide we are ranked second in the table for Journalism. This follows a ranking of first in the 2020 Guide in the category Journalism, Publishing and Public Relations.

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Publication of Is This a Book?

Now published by Cambridge University Press, the new volume by OICP Director Angus Phillips and Miha Kovač offers a fresh and lively discussion of the form and purpose of the book.

'The 21st century has been a time of huge change for the book, but it has left us with more questions than answers. However in this thought-provoking and informative monograph, Phillips and Kovač uncover what makes the book tick, both today but also over the deep expanse of reading history. They uncover the big questions around the book, whilst offering original answers to what, in an age of transformation, is so significant about this slippery but essential form. Is this a book? is the best single volume on the book there is.' Michael Bhaskar, Co-Founder of Canelo and author of The Content Machine

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Remembering Chris Fowler

We are sad to share the news of the death of Chris Fowler (1956 – 2022) from the Library at Oxford Brookes.

Over the years Chris helped numerous staff and students in Publishing, offering invaluable advice and assistance whether around research skills or the relevant books and resources available in the library. She loved the special collections and we are fortunate to have a good variety of publishing-related archives and collections, including the Booker Archive and the Steve Hare, Peter Stockham and Jane Doe collections. She will be much missed.

Full News item here

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By the Book7 - programme published

We are delighted to publish the programme for By the Book7 - Publishing in the 21st Century, which is taking place in Paris on the 20th and 21st June 2022. The full conference programme is now available and we are delighted to welcome as keynote speakers Naomi Bacon and John Thompson. Naomi is Founder and Director of Tandem Collective; John is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Cambridge and author of the recently published Book Wars.

Visit the conference page for more details including the programme.

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Is This a Book? now published

This new book from OICP Director Angus Phillips is now published by Cambridge University Press. Co-authored with Miha Kovač, the book is available for a short period as a free download.

This is a book about the book.

Is this a book? is a question of wide appeal and interest. With the arrival of ebooks, digital narratives and audiobooks, the time is right for a fresh discussion of what is a book. Older definitions that rely solely on print no longer work, and as the boundaries of the book have been broken down, this volume offers a fresh and lively discussion of the form and purpose of the book. How does the audiobook fit into the book family? How is the role of reading changing in the light of digital developments? Does the book still deserve a privileged place in society? The authors present a dynamic model of the book and how it lives on in today's competitive media environment.

For more details visit the CUP page here

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Research on the publishing of academic monographs

Now published in Publishing Research Quarterly is a paper by OICP researchers Philip Shaw, Angus Phillips and Maria Bajo Gutiérrez on the health of the academic monograph: 'The Death of the Monograph?'

A survey of English language academic publishers in the UK, Europe and North America was undertaken in 2021. The objective was to gather data on the current landscape of academic monograph publishing in the arts, humanities, and social sciences and to identify trends. Respondents were asked about their monograph publishing activities, sales, distribution, and about the future direction of their programmes. The report offers independent analysis of publisher information that may be helpful in informing the debate among stakeholders as to the future of the publication of long-form research in the arts, humanities and social sciences. The results offer key insights into the growth in output of titles, the level of print sales, the move towards open access, usage of monographs, and their pricing.

You can view the paper here


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Xiaolu Guo at the Oxford Literary Festival

On 30 March 2022 the award-winning Chinese-British novelist and film-maker Xiaolu Guo was interviewed at the Oxford Literary Festival by Angus Phillips, Director of the Oxford International Centre for Publishing.

The event took place in the Weston Library Lecture Theatre at the Bodleian Library and was attended by 50 people. The interview provided insights into Xiaolu Guo’s life and works, as well as examining some of the key themes in her books, such as love, language and identity. 

A key part of the conversation focused on her latest novel A Lover’s Discourse (2020). A Chinese woman comes to post-Brexit London to start over: isolated and lonely in a Britain increasingly hostile to foreigners, she meets a landscape architect and the two begin to build their future together. The novel plays with language and the cultural differences that the narrator encounters as she settles into her new life, and the lovers must navigate their differences and their romance. The author read an extract from the book which considers the difference between authenticity and imitation through looking at a village in Shenzhen, where there is a cottage industry reproducing famous artworks for western consumers.

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