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Want to be a journalist? This bursary could help you get your NCTJ qualification

A FUND which helps people from diverse backgrounds get into journalism is taking applications.

The Journalism Diversity Fund (JDF) awards bursaries to people from diverse backgrounds who need help funding their NCTJ journalism training.
Bursaries are awarded four times per year and can help cover the costs of NCTJ course fees and/or living expenses.

The fund is aimed at aspiring journalists without the financial means to attend an NCTJ-accredited course who can show they can bring diversity to a newsroom.

The fund is for people from a different background to the majority of people who occupy newsrooms (white middle class).

Full News item here

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Alexandra Wilson on BBC4 talking about opera heroines

Alexandra Wilson (Senior Lecturer in Musicology) can be seen on BBC4 this week, contributing to a documentary entitled "Opera's Fallen Women" to be broadcast on Friday 25 March at 8.30pm. The programme, presented by music director of the Royal Opera House Antonio Pappano, investigates the representation of 'fallen women' in operas by Bizet, Verdi, Puccini and others. It will be followed by the television premiere of Mark-Anthony Turnage's new opera "Anna Nicole", about the life of former Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith.


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Around The A4074 with Felicity Ford

On Boxing Day – 26th December 2010 – at 6pm on BBC Oxford, Felicity Ford’s radio project Around the A4074 will be aired on local radio for the first time. The schedule listing is here. The radio project was one of Felicity’s major research projects, created as part of her practice-based PhD at Oxford Brookes, entitled ‘The Domestic Soundscape and beyond… Presenting everyday sounds to audiences.’ The radio show explores how the everyday context of the commute might be seen or explored differently, and features interviews with Joe Moran – writer of On Roads; Andy Letcher – lead singer of Oxfordshire band Telling the Bees; discussions with Ed and Will from A Walk around Britain; features on The Warborough and Shillingford Festival; theWoodcote Steam Rally; the Biker’s Cafe at Berinsfield; Brazier’s Park and much, much more. The show features music from local bands including The Keeling Curve, Band of Hope, BanjoCat and Telling the Bees, as well as a huge array of environmental, ambient sounds recorded by Felicity Ford herself, in her many on-foot forrays around the A4074.

You can read more about the background of the project here.

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Alexandra Wilson presents Rossini’s “Otello” on Radio 3

Senior Lecturer in Musicology Alexandra Wilson presents Rossini's rarely heard opera Otello on BBC Radio 3 on Saturday 11 December at 6pm. Although Rossini's version has been overshadowed in recent years by Verdi's setting of Othello, it was a huge hit in its day and tells us much about the nineteenth-century European reception of Shakespeare. In this concert performance by the Lyon Opera, recorded last month in Paris, the title role is sung by American tenor John Osborn and Desdemona is sung by Anna Caterina Antonacci. More information can be found on the Radio 3 website:

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Sonic Art Research Unit visit STEIM

During 2009-2010 members of the SARU from Fine Art and Music have been collaborating with International Visiting Fellow Jos Zwaanenberg on the creation of a series of new works. Efthymios Chatzigiannis, Paul Dibley and Paul Whitty from Music visited STEIM in Amsterdam in June to work with Jos Zwaanenberg on a performance of their new works. STEIM is a centre for the research and development of instruments & tools for performers in the electronic performance arts. Early Career Fellow in Sonic Art Stephen Cornford has also created a new work for Jos which will form part of a CD release featuring all of the works... watch this space for more news!

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Sonic Art Research Unit at the Cutting Edge

New project from the Sonic Art Research Unit to be featured in the Sound and Music Cutting Edge Series on November 19th 2009.

This project brings together two opposing sound-worlds; the hard-edged amplified sound of [rout]; and Okeanos’ distinctive and subtle interleaving of Japanese and Western timbres. The Sonic Art Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University instigated the project and invited eight composers with Japanese or British roots to develop new works through a series of laboratories and work-in-progress sessions. Importantly composers have had the opportunity to spend time exploring the unique timbral possibilities presented by the Sho, Koto, Shakuhachi and Shamisen as they combine with Live Electronics, Signal Processing, Computer Applications including MaxMSP and PureData, the amplified instruments of [rout], and the Western Classical instruments of Okeanos. So if you ever wondered how a sho sounded when played through a Phase Shifter and combined with amplified double-bass played through a PureData patch; or how a bass-clarinet and sho sound when played together in unison – you’re going to find out. The first performance of the project outputs is part of the Sound and Music Cutting Edge Series and will take place at The Warehouse, London, on November 19th 2009.

Full News item here

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Vauxhall Pleasure in Oxford

Composer Paul Whitty and visual artist Anna Best’s collaboration Vauxhall Pleasure draws upon past history, present condition and future plans of a location whilst exploring the relationship between political protest and entertainment, traffic and pedestrians, pollution, breathing and song. A multi-part protest piece originally developed as a site performance at Vauxhall Cross Gyratory, Vauxhall Pleasure has since been developed into a chamber ensemble performance, sound installation, and film that will take place in the historic Holywell Music Room as part of the OCM Autumn Series on November 7th.

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History of Medicine and the Independent join forces in podcast project “Moments in Medicine”

Can the history of epidemics or the history of body fat help us better understand our susceptibility to illnesses like swine flu or provide a clue to the modern day rise of obesity?

These are just two topics covered by an ambitious series of podcasts from the Centre for Health, Medicine and Society: Past and Present exploring medicine through the perspective of the past.

Full News item here

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The Domestic Soundscape

Felicity Ford creates podcasts for Cut & Splice co-produced by Sound and Music and BBC Radio 3.

The Domestic Soundscape is a specially commissioned podcast series for Cut & Splice: Living Rooms. Researched, recorded and produced by Felicity Ford - currently completing a PhD in Sonic Art at Oxford Brookes - the series will feature an array of sonic experiments, artists' conversations, sounds, home-recordings and compositions. Exploring the relationship between domestic space and the artists' imagination, The Domestic Soundscape podcast series will investigate the role of domestic appliances, daily routines, habits, rooms and home-recordings in contemporary sound art and composition practice.

Cut & Splice: Living Rooms brings together some of the world's leading sound artists and composers for a two day festival of performance, installation, video, broadcast, podcast and discussion that explores the beauty, memory and personal identity of sound in domestic environments. The event is set in one of London's most atmospheric spaces, Wilton's Music Hall, the last surviving and oldest grand music hall in the world.

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Project B: sebilj - Art & Architecture community project

Project B: Sebilj  Project: Well Being

This article written by Helen Bonar, Arts & Humanities Manager for Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, references the recent initiative led by artists Françoise Dupré (Birmingham City University) and Dr Myfanwy Johns (Oxford Brookes) in collaboration with architect Sabina Fazlic.  Project B is a Birmingham-based trans-national collaborative public art community project referencing the functionality of ornament and its transformative quality on architectural space.

More than a simple public art project with exquisite artistic outcomes, the article focuses on the ways in which individual and collective ‘well being’ has been affected as a result of engagement and participation. The therapeutic and social benefits of art and creativity are key elements of discussion within the text, celebrating and communicating the value of surprising and unplanned outcomes often inherent within arts projects of this nature.

Full News item here

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