Working in Publishing Day

The Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies has just held its annual Working in Publishing Day.  The day is an opportunity for our current students on the MA and BA in Publishing to talk to our alumni, gain careers advice, meet current employers and recruitment agencies.

Visitors included representatives from Cambridge University Press, Elsevier, HarperCollins, Haymarket, New Internationalist, Oxford University Press, Penguin, Sage, Usborne and Wiley Blackwell.

Claire Williams, a current student on our MA in Publishing, reports on the day:

‘How did I feel at the end of Working in Publishing Day 2008?  In a word, relieved.  It seems there are plenty of entry-level jobs to be had in the publishing industry, and the qualifications and experiences we will take from Brookes undoubtedly put us in an excellent position to fill these roles.  Having the chance to speak to representatives from recruitment agencies Inspired Selection and Judy Fisher Associates was very useful for me (I've had bad experiences with agencies in the past) and I'll definitely consider using an agency in the not too distant future.  The alumni from both the BA and the MA courses spoke candidly about their experiences and getting their first jobs, and the fact that they have all done so well for themselves was really encouraging.  The overwhelming message for me was that there is great potential to do well and progress quickly, but you have to be proactive about it.  Oh, and that you don't go into publishing for the money.

‘The "speed-dating" event was a brilliant chance to get to speak to industry professionals and everyone was so friendly and reassuring, and especially keen to give out interview advice.  I even managed to slip a couple of people my CV (I carry it with me everywhere now - lectures, Tescos, tea at my gran's house).  Although there were a couple of people I had wanted to speak to who had to pull out of the event, the result was that I ended up chatting to companies I hadn't previously considered, and I found this really rewarding.

‘All in all, Working in Publishing Day was an excellent event and has done much to quell my fears that I'll end up working in McDonald's when I graduate!'

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