Sound Diaries: Recording Life in Sound

Sound Diaries is an initiative of the Sonic Art Research Unit. The Project is focused around sound-recordings and sound-texts and the ways in which sound can be used to document our lives.

This project is designed so that anyone working with sound and the idea of sound diaries can share their projects online, talk about their ideas with other people working in this territory and contribute to discussions around how sound diaries are made and shared.

What is a Sound Diary? Why create a Sound Diary? What period does it cover: minutes, hours, days, weeks, years? How much of that period will it capture? How do Sound Diaries relate to written diaries, or photo albums? What is a sonic snapshot? These are some of the issues that will be addressed during the Sound Diaries project - do get involved!

Throughout December our Sonic Advent Calendar will be online with a new sound everyday. Hear the sounds now at:


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