Lucy Derges, Policy & Research Manager at STM shares the 2021 STM Report

The latest STM publication on the state of scientific and scholarly publishing globally is now available. The 2021 STM Report was compiled by Lucy Derges, MA Publishing distance learning student, who joined STM (The International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers) as Policy & Research Manager at the beginning of 2021. Compiling this essential industry report was one of Derges' first tasks of her new job and highlights a key benefit of the OICP distance learning degree: the flexibility to study alongside full-time employment and the application of learning in practice.

Lucy Derges commented, “It is exciting to see the first of this new series of STM Reports published and I am looking forward to preparing the next supplement which will focus purely on Open Access and will be launched in Spring 2022. STM is delighted to have worked with leading experts from across the industry to create what we hope will be a useful, free to access, summary of the global market in 2021.”

“I found the knowledge and skills I acquired during my MA Publishing Studies at Brookes were essential to this project. Not only in terms of the academic study of scholarly publishing itself - the course also really helped sharpen my skills more broadly, particularly in terms of gathering research and handling data.”

The report shows that recent strong growth in OA publishing is projected to continue. Around a third of all global research articles are now published OA with some countries, such as the UK on track for 90% of their researchers’ output to be published OA within a year due to business model and operational innovations.

The report also reveals emerging trends across journal publishing and article growth, the market dominance of formats and disciplines, whilst also exploring the variances across the different markets of the global economy. China remains the world’s top producer of publishable research output, and India, the Russian Federation, Spain, Italy, Brazil and Australia all have seen strong growth since 2018.

Speaking of the publication of the 2021 STM Report, Philip Carpenter, Interim CEO of STM said: “Despite the challenges presented both before and during COVID-19, there are multiple indications of growth and resilience across the scholarly publishing sector. 2020 will likely be a record year for submissions due to the increase in research and articles related to COVID-19 – many of which publishers provided free access to, ensuring that relevant and timely research and data reached the widest possible audiences as quickly as possible.” He added “Despite unprecedented world events, scholarly publishing is clearly rising to the challenges of our rapidly changing world, offering sustainable solutions underpinned by 2 technology and innovation whilst striving towards our fundamental mission to advance trusted research worldwide.” 

See the press release for more details and to download the full report:


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