Anthony Watkinson

Research Associate in Publishing

Personal Profile

Since 1998 he has held a portfolio of jobs in mergers and acquisitions, publishing (HMSO, Hermes and Wiley-Blackwell) and a range of industry consultancies. He has been a consultant to the Publishers Association and the International Association of STM Publishers (where he was the director of education and training and ran their Intensive Journals course in Europe and in Asia). He restarted his academic career om 2002 when as Visiting Professor in Information Science at City University he co-founded with Professor David Nicholas the international research group CIBER Research. He moved to University College London where he was Senior Lecturer and co-founded the Publishing course in the Department of Information Studies. He has been a director of the Charleston Library Conference for several decades and is one the editorial boards of a number of their series/ publications and initiatives. He is on the editorial board of Publications journal and referees for them and other leading journals in library and information studies. He was awarded the ALPSP Award for Contribution to Scholarly Publishing in 2014. He was the inaugural recipient of the  Vicky Speck ABC Clio Leadership Award at the Charleston Conference in 2006.

Anthony’s main teaching and research interest is in scholarly communication. He studied history and theology at Pembroke College Cambridge and researched in ecclesiastical history. He moved to Oxford in 1968 where he spent three years as the assistant librarian at New College Oxford.  He subsequently held senior posts at Academic Press London, Oxford University Press and Chapman & Hall (Thomson Corporation). 

Books and other publications

The STM Report 5th Edition  co-author 2018

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Mark Bide, Liz Potter, Anthony Watkinson Digital Preservation —an introduction to the standards issues surrounding the deposit of non-print publications. Book Industry Communication on behalf of the British National Bibliography Research Fund. 1999 [ISBN 1 873671 25 3]

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