Digital Product 2021 - Blog and recipe web site

Digital Product Blog site with Recipes site on their menu
6 Articles on your blog and Deliver 6 recipes to a web site and style with CSS
You should find a menu item top right for each site to their recipe site
Sanchia De Villiers Kuun▸ HAPPY, HEALTHY, VEGAN-LIVING
Holly Doogood▸ tornbetween
Kyle Garrett▸ lookitskyle
Macy Holden▸ The Official Website of Holden Honey Hives
Nicolle Hunter▸ Little Pinch of Soul
Jeni Jones▸ It's Jeni
Hannah G. Lund-Yates▸ Publishing.Lifestyle.Recipes
Megane Maridor▸ The dream realm
Zexna C. Opara▸ Simple Thoughts and Treats
Ciara Palfreyman▸ Ciara Rachel
Hannah R. Rothwell▸ From My Perspective
Hannah Smith▸ Beating the Urge to Cheat
Dmitri Tremblay▸ Dmitri's Recipe Site
Elizabeth Vascenko▸ Thoughts

Which course: BA Publishing Media