What’s in a Name?

Podcast episode: 53

Publishers, Product Managers and Digital Collections

Matt Kibble

How should the role of a Digital Publisher/Product Manager be defined and what does this involve? Matt Kibble's talk will cover a number of different roles (technical, business, editorial, marketing) and address the fact that the job is defined in different ways at every company. Matt will illustrate these points with a range of products from the major online publishers and explain what is involved in bringing these products to market. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to hear about structure and responsibilities of digital roles from someone working in a publishing company that is clearly integrating digital at the heart of its corporate development strategy.

Matt was formerly employed at ProQuest, but has recently assumed a new role as Digital Publisher at Bloomsbury Publishing. He feels it is too soon (he joined Bloomsbury on Monday) to talk about Bloomsbury, but you will find these links useful to understand his previous employers and developments at Bloomsbury.

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