Career Options in Book Production

Podcast episode: 63

A Seminar at the SYP Conference - November 2013

Joanna Mason - Oxford University Press, Emma Hawes - Oxford University, Mark Sheehan - Elsevier

‘Have you considered what a career in production might look like in the digital age? The size, number of opportunities and ex-perience gained in new technologies for such a role are worth considering in the age of electronic content, where attention to detail is critical and delivery nearly instantaneous. 

The qualities for a role in production will be explored in this seminar, as well as understanding the vital role Book and Journal Production play in the publishing process. Learn how closely aligned two of the largest academic publishing companies in the industry really are by joining Joanne Mason and Emma Hawes of Oxford University Press, and Mark Sheehan of Elsevier as they present a bird’s eye view of a rapidly changing publishing sector.

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