Building A Career in Academic Publishing

Podcast episode: 62

A Seminar at the SYP Conference - November 2013

Sarah Phibbs -Wiley, Prof. Iain Stevenson - University College London, Martin Woodhead - Woodhead Publishing

‘Being published’ is traditionally a seal of the quality and authenticity of research, and has been since the 17th century. If you thought academic publishing was stuffy, think again: things are changing rapidly; and people are now sharing knowledge and consuming content on the Internet for free. How does an academic publisher respond and add value beyond the written word, what is the author’s point-of-view in these transactions, and how does it contribute to the furthering of knowledge as a partner to academia as well as a player within it? As publishers cope with this change, we too must manage the change hap-pening around us as new job roles are created, and new technology is adopted. Is content still king? Come and find out!

Moderated by Angus Phillips, Oxford Brookes University.

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