Alumni - Tik Dalton, BA Publishing

I had an unusual entry on to the course –  half way through an English Literature degree at Bolton I had an epiphany of sorts, that I wanted to go into book publishing.  After researching what was the best course around I came across Brookes.

What excited me most was the broad range of modules on offer, everything from industry technology, to the history of print culture. My three years on the course have been amazing, I think what really makes it is the friendly and open atmosphere created by lecturers and students.

One of my favourite projects was my dissertation; spawning from my fascination with transmedia I decided to centre it around the video game industry. One of the biggest joys of this course for me was the ability to tailor it to my interests - there’s so much room for creative and innovative thinking.

I was encouraged to participate in work experience, and with support from lecturers I was able to work on the British Book Design and Production Awards (culminating in attending the swanky awards event in November – very exciting). I also worked with the marketing department at Oxford Brookes, and completed an internship at the independent publisher Snowbooks (where I now work full time!).

Since graduating I have been working as a publisher at Snowbooks, where a typical day can include anything from cover design to typesetting, planning marketing strategies, or reading through submissions. My most exciting news is that I have just started learning to code, using Learn Enough to be Dangerous Society, and that I have acquired my first novel (keep your eyes peeled in 2018 …)! I am also looking forward to attending FantasyCon-By-The-Sea later this month to launch a new series of horror novellas.

Posted on 15 Sep 2016 around 1pm