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We just wanted to update you and Brookes on the newest venture that Jargon Media (Miriam Johnson and Victoria Harben) are working on. We are putting together an international literary magazine that we will publish on 1 November 2011.

The Istanbul Review creates a platform for dialogue between authors, new and established, and readers. It gives writers an opportunity to talk about their craft, showcase new work and discuss the philosophical implications of literature and its place in modern society.

Founded by Miriam Johnson, Hande Zapsu Watt and Victoria Harben in 2010, the Istanbul Review began with a simple wish: to bring together writers, critics and those influential people from other walks of life whose lives have been changed by literature and who in turn change the world.

We are committed to literature, the environment and the spreading of literacy across the world. The journal uses only sustainable resources and gives 2.5 per cent of all profits to NGOs working towards spreading literacy.

Submissions are invited for the first annual volume of the Istanbul Review to be published in 2011. We welcome writing in the form of essays, fiction and poetry but not full-length plays or novels, though self-contained extracts are acceptable. The work must be neither previously published nor accepted for publication. All submissions must be received by 1 July 2011.

The Istanbul Review

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