Alumni - Line Toresby, MA Digital Publishing

Having finished my second BA in Norway, I decided to look abroad for options and ended up applying for the MA in Publishing at Oxford Brookes. This turned out to be one of the greatest decisions that I have ever made. The course is specific to the industry, making it an ideal entry point for anyone wanting to get into publishing. The university has a great reputation, is known for its publishing courses, and is located in beautiful Oxford. For me, one of the highlights of the course has been the realization that there are so many interesting areas of the publishing industry to get involved with, some of which I had never even considered in the past. I have also really enjoyed being part of an international class, allowing for more interesting discussions and broader insights into the global market.

I chose to study Publishing at Oxford Brookes because of the broad range of modules on offer; from basic insight into editorial, marketing, sales, design and production, to the optional modules ranging from technological insights to rights and history. The course also has a strong focus on networking and work experience, providing students with great opportunities to get to know the business first hand and build a strong CV. The programme can be quite intense – in a positive way, with a range of different assignments and working structures, allowing you to delve into and explore the different aspects of the publishing industry both on your own and in teams.

I am currently working on my MA major project while applying for jobs in publishing. I feel a lot more confident and prepared for the publishing industry now than before starting this course. The learning curve has been steep and the workload heavy at times, but I have really enjoyed my time here and would absolutely recommend it to anyone interested in working in the publishing industry.

Posted on 06 Aug 2018 around 2pm