Alumni - Ian Campsall, MA Publishing

When I began the Brookes Publishing MA in 2011, I had a background in media sales and education and was looking to make a career change into publishing.  Before the course began, I was worried that my previous experience would be wasted and would not be relevant to my newly chosen field.  However, I found that my business experience was very relevant to the work I was doing at Brookes and that the people skills I had developed as a teacher were critical to the group projects.  Despite the fact that I was older than the majority of the students, I found that I was learning as much from them as I was passing on my own experience.

I set my sights on a position in digital publishing with an academic publisher and found the epublishing module provided an excellent grounding in the platforms, practices and challenges in the field.  I secured a position with Wiley Blackwell in their Digital Products and Services team before the course had even finished.  I now work on custom society websites and major platforms such as Wiley Online Library and have worked with major Health Sciences and Social Sciences societies in the UK and abroad.  I have also had the opportunity to travel to New York and Boston as part of my work.

If you are considering a career change into publishing, my own experience has shown me that the Oxford Brookes MA will build on everything you have done before and offers a gateway that is not to be missed.

Posted on 30 May 2012 around 9am