Alumni - Christine Modafferi

After graduating from college in Rome, all I knew was that I wanted to work in publishing. I had no experience, but I did have passion. I knew that if I wanted to succeed in making my dream come true, I had to choose the right place to start. What made me set my heart on this course at Oxford Brookes was that the professors help and encourage students to build connections in the industry, whether through work experience or the many events hosted by the faculty. I had a gut feeling that this was that ‘right place’ I was looking for at which to begin my career. ...

After months of careful consideration, I applied for Oxford Brookes University’s MA in Digital Publishing and obtained the Faculty Scholarship for Merit. This scholarship certainly helped me financially, but it was also proof that all I needed to sustain me were my enthusiasm and willingness to learn. I had a feeling everything would be OK, and everything has indeed been more than OK. 

My happiest memory to this day is when I found out I had obtained my dream internship as an Editorial Assistant at Ebury Publishing, part of Penguin Random House. My feeling that this course would have been a great opportunity to work my way into the industry was not wrong. These past three months I have been commuting once a week to Ebury’s office in London, and just a couple of weeks ago my contract has been renewed until May.

I could not thank the faculty more for having prepared me from day 1 to work confidently in a publishing setting and giving me the chance to apply for internship opportunities that would have otherwise been very difficult to grasp. The learning curve has been steep, but satisfying. Each class has enriched me through guest lecturers, introductions to new programs and tools, or simply the professors’ enthusiasm. It has been a wonderful adventure so far. Thank you, Oxford Brookes!

Posted on 25 Jan 2016 around 5pm