Alumni - Aurelie Noirbent, BA Publishing

Aurelie Noirbent is Head of Production at the Osprey Group, an international publishing company focused on producing the best content for enthusiasts across a broad range of specialist areas including military history, heritage and nostalgia, transport history, crafts, antiques, science fiction and fantasy.

Exactly ten years ago, I was preparing to move to the UK from France in order to start a BA in Publishing at Oxford Brookes. A slightly unnerving prospect, especially since my English was shaky to say the least! Once classes started though, I soon found my feet, thanks in no small part to the support of my tutors. I came to relish the opportunities for independent study, and particularly enjoyed the spirit of co-operation between the lecturers and students. Being foreign was a challenge at first, but it soon became a strength, as it afforded me a different viewpoint on some of the topics we studied – again, my lecturers helped me considerably to grasp this insight!

In 2004, shortly before I graduated, I was recruited by Osprey Publishing to the post of Production and Design assistant. Brookes was instrumental in achieving this, as I received the job ad through our Production lecturer (thanks again, Adrian!) and I also made extensive use of the careers services when preparing my application and for the interview.

Eight years on, I am still with the Osprey Group, which has grown significantly and now encompasses diverse brands and imprints, such as Osprey Publishing, Shire Books, Old House and Angry Robot. With our new fiction imprints Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A soon to be launched, and our latest acquisition - Duncan Baird Publishers/Watkins Publishing - the Group is going from strength to strength – and as I am now its Head of Production, my job is more exciting than ever!

I feel very privileged to have been there through the many changes the company has embraced these past years, and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring. I couldn’t have dreamt 10 years ago that I’d be where I am today, and I’ll always be grateful to Brookes for having helped me take my first steps in the weird and wonderful world of Publishing.

Posted on 12 Sep 2012 around 1pm