Alumni - Ana Prior Martin

I was re-evaluating my career path when I came across the publishing MAs at Oxford Brookes University.

I was working as a Technical Writer in Germany, and although I had a background in publishing, when I decided to apply to publishing jobs in the UK, I did not succeed in getting one. With the Master’s in Digital Publishing I found the way to open the doors of the UK publishing world. 

The internships, the contacts in the industry, the classes and the thriving environment helped me to find my way into the publishing job on which I had set my heart, in journals publishing; but I was also surprised to discover other areas of publishing that I really enjoyed as well. The fact that along the way I got to make incredible friends who are just as passionate about publishing as I am, is just the cherry on the top of a great year. I am now working as a Production Editor at BioMed Central in London.

Posted on 10 Jun 2016 around 7am