Alumni - Amy Ellis, MA Digital Publishing

Amy Ellis was listed by The Bookseller trade magazine as one of their Rising Stars of 2019.


'If you boil it down, Amy Ellis’ role at Publishers’ Licensing Services is helping clients make money more efficiently. The Virginia, US native joined PLS in 2016 after completing a digital publishing masters from Oxford Brookes, with her first role helping to deliver the final version of PLSclear, the rights permissions management platform. That original version has grown from a pilot to a full suite of permissions services, with 120 clients now signed up. Ellis herself has managed the permissions for over 60 of those publishers across books, journals and magazines. If you are unfamiliar with PLS, worry not—many publishers are not exactly au fait with the intricacies of rights clearing and licensing. Therefore, a good part of Ellis’ job now is about proselytising the cause at industry events, most recently PLS’ own Annual Rights & Licensing Forum, and the 2019 IPG Spring Conference. She says: “I’m working hard to encourage publishers to recognise the importance of permissions for their business, and see how they fit within the broader copyright framework. Looking ahead for PLS, I think there is a lot of scope for growing from a UK-centric firm to a more global business.” ' (The Bookseller, 5 July 2019)

Posted on 19 Jul 2019 around 11am