Sino-UK Publishing Forum at Peking University

In partnership with Peking University, the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies (OICPS) recently held a forum on the copyright trade between the UK and China. Held on the 29 August at Peking University in Beijing, the forum brought together a range of speakers and participants from both industry and academia.

From OICPS Angus Phillips and Adrian Bullock both gave presentations. Adrian Bullock presented the results of his recent research into the copyright trade, and showed that the trade gap is narrowing with more Chinese titles being sold into the UK.  In 2003-04 the ratio of Chinese imports of copyrights to exports was 15:1; In 2010 it was nearer to 5:1. Overall UK publishers are still disappointed by the size of the Chinese market, in terms of the often modest print runs and low local prices. Although STM, ELT, and children’s publishing are all doing well, China is still outside the top twenty markets for British publishers, and accounts for less than 2 per cent of export revenues.

Amongst the speakers at the forum were Professor Xiao Dongfa from Peking University, Nie Zhen Ning, President of China Publishing Group, and Jackie Huang, a Brookes alumna now working for the Andrew Nurnberg agency in Beijing. The next forum will be held in Oxford in April 2012

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