Is blogging bad for publishing?

Journalist Tracy Hofman recently featured comments from Claire Squires, lecturer in Publishing, in an online article about blogging.

In the article, Squires is quoted by Hofman on the blogging phenomenon, saying that, 'We are using written language far more than we did ten years ago, and this has resulted in a vibrant reading and writing culture.'  Hofman is less positive, arguing that the 'self-expression frenzy' is the result of a craving for 'airtime in a frenetic world where we feel increasingly alienated'.

Squires also commented on the trend for celebrity novels, with Katie Price (aka Jordan)'s novel Angel currently high in the bestseller lists.  Hofman writes, 'Now call me churlish, but why claim to be a writer if you can't actually write?' Squires responded to Hofman's question by arguing that 'People want to write ... because people see authorship as something to aspire to.'

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