International Publisher Training Programme at Oxford Brookes

In April 2012 OICPS ran a two-day International Publisher Training Programme at Oxford Brookes University.  Delegates on the course came from all over the world – from Syria, the UAE, Brazil, Russia, India, Turkey, and the UK.  Amongst the delegates were a group of International Young Publishing Entrepreneur competition winners, an event sponsored by the British Council.  Their prize was to come to the UK for a week of activities, including attending the training course at OICPS, and to go to the London Book Fair the following week.

Over the two days delegates discussed a range of publishing issues, from recent developments in the industry, to publishing and editorial strategy, working with agents and authors, new product development, sales and marketing, and international book fairs. The course was taught by Angus Phillips, Sheila Lambie and Beverley Tarquini, all senior staff at OICPS.

The international delegate mix led to a fascinating exchange of ideas and comments, and seems to have been much enjoyed by everyone!

Here are some comments:

“Let me thank all of you for the interesting and inspiring experience we had …I especially appreciated our training course at Oxford Brookes University. I very much appreciated you taking so much time and effort to organise this wonderful course which helps young professionals from all over the world to meet and to feel involved in the international publishing process”. Polina Yermakova, delegate from Russia.

"It was indeed very lovely meeting you and all the professors at Brookes. I really enjoyed the experience. As you said, I believe that exchanging information and points of view with other people from all around the world was a very interesting part of the program. And you were very kind to all of us, it was a terrific experience for me.  And I really liked Oxford, it is such a lovely city. I hope to get back there someday".  Tatiana Allegro, delegate from Brazil

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