Epublishing prizes 2012

The English and Science digital projects scooped the Pearson Education epublishing prizes this year. Students taking the epublishing module, an option of the MA publishing course, were fortunate to have Dr Liz Marchant, Head of Publishing - Science and ICT at Pearson Education, judge their work at the end of the semester.

Students wrote proposals for and developed prototype websites based on a Pearson secondary school textbook or one of Pearson’s vocational range of books. The course concluded with the student groups presenting an argument for their new digital products while demonstrating their protoypes. Liz Marchant gave complimentary and detailed verbal feedback to each of the groups. She chose the first and second prize winners. 

The first prize of £350 was awarded to Jill Bentley, Tim Kershaw and Neil Munro for their English website. The group was commended on their knowledge and understanding of their customers – they had set up a focus group in a local school – and the product provided for their needs. The designs exhibited were very suitable for the market and during the confident presentation they explained carefully the rationale for the full production.

Second prize of £150 went to Zoe Carroll, Sarah Merz and Isabel Roth for Col-LAB-borate, an interactive blogging tool to accompany Pearson’s Go Science textbook. The content built on the ‘Focus on How Science Works’ sections of the book and the interactive format allowed students to collaborate easily, sharing media to express ideas, whilst teachers monitored their progress. This group was congratulated on their innovative ideas, fantastic designs and enthusiastic presentation.

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