Tue 15 December 2009 at 7.30 pm

The Lion Lounge Duels: The Battle for Oxford

Lion Lounge Press is proud to present the first of many Duels. The Albion
Beatnik in Oxford has graciously offered up its domain for the evening in
question, and for this wondrous occasion is going to metamorph into a
festive highbrow arena, a flaming creative writing colosseum of
sophisticated pleasures, where four erudite writers will be pitted against
both each other and a Lion that's packing fancy words and a bundle of
surprises, with nothing but a quill and their wits to defend themselves

Who has actually been foolish enough to accept our challenge is still
strictly Top Secret, but rest assured it's going to be bloody... Bloody
marvellous, that is! And if you think that watching isn't enough to
stimulate your senses, then check this out! We have a few surprises in store
for the audience as well. All we are inclined to say for now is this: You
may expect to both witness and partake in the crazed notions of the
precocious love-child of an 18th century musket duel and a pub quiz. Sound
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