Mon 31 March 2008 at 4.00 pm

Peter Buckman: ‘Everything You Wanted to Know about Agenting but Never Dared Ask’

Publishing Research Seminar Series

Taking Place: BG10/11 in Semester 2 2008

Have you ever considered a career in literary agenting?

In this seminar Peter Buckman will describe the daily work of a literary agent and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the job, and the author-agent-publisher relationship. How do you negotiate in order to make everyone happy...? As a former publisher and now an agent and a writer, Peter Buckman looks at the career of the literary agent from different perspectives and has a broad knowledge of the industry.

Peter Buckman was on the editorial board of Penguin Books, and later moved to New York to be a commissioning editor with the New American Library. He then became a full-time writer, producing books, film, plays and scripts for TV and radio. Agenting has always been a part of his life and now runs The Ampersand Agency, which has built a reputation for discovering new talent and matching it to the right publisher.

All are welcome.