Thu 19 March 2015 at 10.00 am

Finance Refresher

Building on What You Know (and What You Don’t!)

Philip Shaw and Helena Markou

Taking Place: The King’s Centre, Osney, Oxford

Many people working in publishing have budget responsibilities, whether in editorial, marketing, or production departments. But most publishers have little or no financial training and simply learn what they need to know on the job. The result is that they might have a good understanding of their own projects, but have no real idea of how this fits into the bigger picture of their company’s finances.

The Finance Refresher course is for anyone with financial responsibility who wants to feel more confident about the financial work they do and who wants a better understanding of balance sheets, P&Ls, and the financial implications of their work. It will cover all the principal financial aspects of publishing, including the finance of digital projects, and will answer all those questions publishers don’t want to reveal that they don’t fully understand!

Delegates will gain an understanding of four key areas: business models and the financial principles used in developing a publishing programme; the financial tools commonly used in the management of a publishing business; the interpretation of financial statements; and the valuation of publishing assets.

  • Philip Shaw is from Bertoli Mitchell LLP and is also Associate Lecturer, Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies
  • Helena Markou is Senior Lecturer, Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies

Audience: The course is suitable for anyone with budget responsibility who needs to put together and interpret financial reports, develop publishing programmes, or understand company finances, for books, journals or other digital projects, in either commercial or not-for-profit organisations. Delegates might come from small or medium sized companies where understanding whole company finance is crucial, or from a large company where there is little opportunity to understand the bigger picture.

This Course costs: £195