Tue 9 February 2016 at 10.00 am

Content marketing for publishers

Alison Jones

Taking Place: King’s Centre, Osney Mead, Oxford

Alison  had a long career in publishing, during which she helped pioneer digital publishing.  She is now a business and executive coach, content consultant and publisher. 

Traditionally publishers have viewed content as the preserve of editorial, and marketing has been focused on increasing sales of that content. Content marketing brings editorial and marketing mindsets together to create a powerful way of engaging and exciting readers, building direct relationships and improving discoverability.

But to be deliver these results, content marketing needs to be carefully planned: what content and what channels are right for your target market? What content can you create or curate and what are you already producing but not using effectively? How do publishers navigate this blurred lines between editorial and marketing? Who is doing this well, and how? Where should you begin?

This course provides a framework for planning content marketing campaigns across a variety of platforms, including tools for implementation and evaluation. There is a strong workshop element, and delegates will leave the day with an actionable plan for a campaign of their choice.

Audience: editors and marketing professionals at all levels.

Price: £195