Shifting Ground II: A Symposium on Music and Publishing

Keynote speaker: Stephen Navin, Chief Executive of the Music Publishers Association

Journalism plenary session: Barney Hoskyns, Fiona Maddocks and Alyn Shipton

Taking place:

The Richard Hamilton Building, Headington Hill Campus, Oxford Brookes University

11th April 2011 from 9am to 6:30 pm

Following on from the successful 2010 'Shifting Ground' Study day which explored a variety of issues surrounding popular music publishing, The Oxford Brookes Popular Music Research Unit, in association with The Royal Musical Association and The Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies, held Shifting Ground II: A Symposium on Music and Publishing to explore links between music and publishing in its broadest sense on April 11th, 2011. This event brought together academics, journalists and publishers to discuss this previously neglected area which offers exciting opportunities to tap into current concerns about the effects of the internet on the dissemination of music, to explore how our experience of music is shaped by publications relating to it, and to explore more broadly the important issue of the relationship between music and commerce, both in a historical context and in the present.  

The day featured paper sessions exploring the complementary themes of the publishing of music and publishing on music, a keynote presentation from Stephen Navin, Chief Executive of the Music Publishing Association, a discussion panel of journalists featuring Fiona Maddocks, Alyn Shipton and Barney Hoskyns focusing on writing about classical, jazz and popular music and ended with a round table discussion featuring Dr Dai Griffiths (Brookes), Dr Lee Marshall (Bristol) and Dr Simon Warner (Leeds) to consider future directions of research in this area.   

More details of the event can be found in the Conference booklet and the Shifting Ground II Symposium report.

Conference/Event Programme


9:00 Registration, coffee and cakes

9:30 Welcome from Jan Butler (Oxford Brookes University)

9:45 Session 1 – Publishing of music (Chair: Lee Marshall, Bristol University)

  • Tim Shephard (University of Nottingham), The Beginning of European Music Printing: A Music-Cultural Bombshell
  • Eveline Vernooij (University of Udine), Editing electro-acoustic music: the variety of Invenzioni su una voce
  • Andrew Chatora (Institute of Education, London University), Digital Delinquencies: Cross Generational Perspectives on Music Downloading
  • Davo van Peursen (Head of Music Publishing at Music Center, Netherlands), Intelligent Music Content at Interacting Frameworks

11:45 – Refreshments break

12:00 Keynote: Stephen Navin, Chief Executive of the Music Publishers Association (Chair: Leander Reeves, Oxford Brookes University)

1:00 Lunch

2:00 Session 2 – Publishing on music (Chair: Simon Warner, Leeds University)

  • Rob Chapman (University of Huddersfield), Dancing to Architecture
  • Rob Horrocks and Matt Grimes (Birmingham City University), Music webzines – acts of defiance in a digital age?
  • Lucy O’Brien (University of Goldsmiths), Writing a life: locating the human in a virtual world
  • Christopher Dingle (Birmingham Conservatoire), Prophets of Doom and the Doom of Profit: Music Criticism in the 21st Century

4:00 – Refreshments break

4:30 Journalism plenary session featuring Barney Hoskyns, Alyn Shipton and Fiona Maddocks  (Chair: Jennifer Skellington, Oxford Brookes University)

5:30 – Refreshments break

5:40 Round table – where do we go from here?

6:30 – Thanks and close