Jonathan Glasspool, Academic and Professional Publishing at Bloomsbury

by Jessica Roufaeil, MA Publishing Media

Academic publishing sometimes comes across as less attractive in the eyes of publishing students, who are dazzled by the idea of trade publishing — fiction, non-fiction, children’s. However, after Jonathan Glasspool, Managing Director at Bloomsbury’s Academic and Professional publishing, spoke to our publishing class at Oxford Brookes University, I believe that there may have been a few changes of heart.

Jonathan is familiar with Bloomsbury’s famous trade division but he assured us that not only does the academic side of the industry offer more career opportunities, but also that he finds it to be much more satisfying to be working in this field. He validated his claim by going through the characteristics of academic publishing in comparison to trade publishing; including the high level of profitability of journal publishing; the low risk of unearned advances on books; a highly international market; low levels of returns; and the list goes on and on. Still not convinced? Well, look at it this way, you may not be selling the next Harry Potter, but you will have the satisfaction of working for a more stable, profitable, and seemingly less stressful, part of publishing.

Jonathan also took the time to explain how we should apply for a job and behave at an interview. Here are some of the key tips he listed:

  1. Tailor your CV and cover letter to the job
  2. Research the company before you apply, then again before you go to your interview
  3. Show your motivation: one way to do this is by coming to an interview prepared with thoughtful questions about the specific company
  4. Know how to work with the digital side of the industry

Jonathan was an amazing speaker. This was evident from the audience’s silence as he talked, the laughter at his wit, and the thoughtful questions from the class (it seems that students are already adhering to Jonathan’s advice!). He provided students with great insight into academic and professional publishing, as well as helpful hints as to how get our foot in the door with publishing companies like the renowned Bloomsbury.

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