Internship at Wiley

by Natasha Chen

In the months leading up to the end of my undergraduate second year, I was struck by the panic that I had no experience, no clue what I was doing and whether I had any idea what I even wanted to do when I left university. It was enough to spur me to email one of the Publishing tutors responsible for work experience, Beverley Tarquini, for some advice, which was the start of moving me towards something new, terrifying and ultimately, fantastic.

Beverley sent me the details of a summer internship opportunity at Wiley: it was 10 weeks, in Oxford, in Marketing, and paid! It ticked all the boxes, so I applied (although leaving it a little late, and applying on the dot for the deadline) and waited to hear back. Later, I was contacted by HR and informed that I had made it to the next stage - a few interviews and one assessment day later, I was at Wiley and was now a fully fledged intern.

I was assigned to the Library Marketing team (later changed to the Research Field Marketing team) and I got to know my manager, my Buddy and the rest of the team. It was a little daunting at first to be trusted with tasks that could affect the entire EMEA library market, or perhaps go to other teams in the company, but I soon found that no matter what work I did, it would have some impact on the rest of the team and my work mattered.

That little bit of research I did in the beginning? It helped the Communications team figure out what segments of their audience to target. Those collaterals (advertising materials) I created? Those would be templates for later images the team created.

I really got my teeth into anything and everything as part of this internship, and was able to dip into as much creative, data and admin as I wanted. The internship was filled with work on our projects and a field trip to Bognor Regis to see Wiley’s Distribution centre, it was truly my own and I still got to be mentored by my manager, her manager and the HR team.

But the internship was not complete without the other interns. Hearing about their projects at the end-of-internship presentations showed how diverse all out work was; with 12 interns, there was no shortage of exciting things happening and it is good to know that what we achieved in those 10 weeks would make an impact on Wiley and hopefully help them in the future.

My time at Wiley has helped me grow in confidence and recognize what I can do. Seeing the fruits of my labour has made me more confident going into my final year of university and excited for what lies ahead, and luckily, that panic I felt in second year has lessened!

Natasha Chen
Final Year
Business Management and Publishing Media

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